Dose of Faith is a christian based brand originated in the Bronx. We would not call ourselves just a t-shirt brand, we are testimonies, culture, community, faith and relationships. These are the details that shape our faith. We emphasize on spreading the word of God and creating life-altering, social and spiritual changes in believers and non-believers alike, through our faith sharing stories.

We hope our designs inspire, elevate and spark you to share your Dose of Faith to the world around you. This brand is not only for Christians just made by Christians. It is in our hearts to be able to not just be a brand but a movement towards something more. We are a small startup with a voice to spread the living word of God.

    • All of our apparel are made from premium quality fabrics. 
    • Dose of Faith is a NYC designed and USA produced brand.
    • Run by a daughter & mother duo 
    • We are committed to making clothing that is 100% eco-friendly and has zero affiliation to sweatshop manufactures.  

    God Bless & Thank you for your support!